All homeowners comes across the term R-Value while their trip to the garage door market looking for a new garage door. The R-value is usually told along with the dimensions of the garage door. It is something that we all understand is important but most of the times, a lot of us don’t have a clue what it really means.


In simple words, R-value represents the resistance or insulation level of a garage door with respect to heat flow. Temperature differences on the opposite sides of the garage door tend to move towards a thermal equilibrium that means attaining an equal temperature. Garage doors are insulated for the sake of preventing this heat flow. R-value of a garage depicts its ability to efficiently prevent that heat flow. Higher R-value of a garage door means that the door will be more efficient to prevent any heat lost. Garage door repair in wheaton, il.
The R-value of a specific material, in this cases garage door material, is measured theoretically. All of the materials that are used for building constructions have been assigned with a specific R-Value after lab testing. You can look for these values on the internet to sum them up to get a theoretical R-Value.

What Factors Affect the R-value of Garage Doors

R-value of a specific garage door mainly depends on the material being used for the construction of the door panels. Besides that Styrofoam and spray foam are mostly used for the sake of insulations of the garage doors with higher R-value. Both Styrofoam (polystyrene) and Spray foam (polyurethane) are somehow identical materials but serve different purposes and ensure different levels of insulation. Styrofoam is installed in the panels of the garage doors that mean they can never be a perfect fit and always leave space for the air to flow in while spray foam which is sprayed on the garage door panel tends to expand and completely merge with the surface of the garage door which not only ensure higher insulation and R-value of the garage but also makes the garage door more sound proof.

R-value of a garage door is an important factor that ensures minimum heat loss hence resulting in lower utility bills. You can always contact us to get more information about the variety of garage doors that we offer with highest possible R-values that would make your garage more energy efficient as well as sound proof. Garage door repair in streamwood, il.

It is important that you must recognize your garage door as one of the largest machinery in your house with a number of moving parts and other related hardware. Like when you are dealing with any other machinery, it is also important to make sure that all safety measures of a garage door are being considered and inspected time to time that also includes not ignoring an unbalanced garage door that can become a potential danger over time if left ignored. Below are some tips that can help you spot an unbalanced garage door. Garage door repair in palatine, il.

  • You will notice an unbalance of the door panel during its opening and closing operation. You will be able to visually see the unevenness of the door and the fact that something wrong is going on with its operation. This situation can either be cause by a worn out torsion spring or a tempered spring cable of the garage door.
  • When you open the garage door manually it starts closing by its own. Best service: Garage Door Repair Orland Park, IL
  • The most obvious one is the weird noises that your garage door will start to make. Whenever your garage door is making an odd noise, there is a damaged or tempered hardware that is causing the noise.
  • Your garage door will stop opening both manually and automatically.

An unbalanced garage door indicates that there is something going on with the hardware. It can either be a worn out spring or a tempered spring cable but it both cases any of these hardware parts can snap and cause a serious accident that can result in a serious injury. Even the repairing of torsion spring involved in the unbalancing of a garage door is not recommended (source: ) to a person who lacks basic knowledge and doesn’t own the right tools for the job. You can always call one of our professional to help you deal with any of such situation without getting injured or damaging any other hardware.Source: Garage Door Repair in Skokie, IL

HeavygaragedoorIf you don’t already, it is time to realize that the garage doors are the biggest machinery that you interact with in your house so it is supposed to be dealt like a machinery, you should know that and your kids should know that. The sole purpose of its installation is to provide safety and security to you and your loved ones.

Don’t Give The Door Material a Second Thought

It doesn’t matter what your garage door material is, it’s dimension, its features and its weight can easily cross 300 pounds. In case of a contemporary garage door, you might be looking at something over 400 pounds. Garage doors consist of counterweight systems that involve torsion and other type of springs, these system allow you to manually open and close a garage door repair downers grove, il.


Springs used in a garage door opener tend to wear out over an extensive period of service. A house owner is supposed to replace the existing torsion springs every 10,000 cycles that roughly translates to 4-5 years if the garage door is used 3-5 times a day. Regular maintenance and lubrication of the garage opener springs can prolong their life. Lubricating the springs is easy and it also helps reduce the noise made by the hardware during its operation. If your garage door opener consists of extension spring then make sure that you get an installation of safety cable that hold the spring from firing into the wall or a person if it breaks.

Automatic Door Opener

In case of the counterweight system malfunction, the electric garage door opener takes the charge but you might be worried by the amount of noise it will create for lifting more than 200 pounds. You wouldn’t have to face this situation, if you carry out a complete inspection and maintenance of the spring system every 6 months. During a malfunction of the counterweight system, you can pull the cord to raise the garage door, gently. If you the door appear to be jammed then don’t try to fix it by yourself and call a trained professional to deal with the scenario. Ensure yearly maintenance of the garage door so it may work safely and more properly throughout the year. You can call our trained professional who for the preventive maintenance program that we offer.Source: Garage door repair bartlett, il.